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Essay 2- in this forum, we will continue watching frontline video episode 2 produced by frontline on financial system, regulation, stock market crash, and financial crisis of 2007-2008.

by | Nov 22, 2022 | Finance | 0 comments


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I need you to write 3 short essay
The 1 essay- The Ultimate Buy-and-Hold Strategy. Each step presented a standout point that helped me understand the meaning behind the strategy. For example, in step one, the 60/40 split between stocks and bonds is recommended. The stocks provide long-term growth while the bonds provide stability and income. Step two is to evaluate bonds. Step 3 involves an emphasis on real estate investment this is beneficial because trusts with professionally managed real estate you can increase return while reducing risk. In step 4 the portfolio adds small cap stocks, because small companies can grow much faster than large ones. In step 5, value stock should be included as well as it makes sense to look for companies that for one reason or another may be temporary bargains. And lastly, step 6 is to take it global by diversifying your stock which can ultimately lower volatility. Please read this article and write a commentary on one or two aspects that you found particularly interesting.
use the Paulmerriam link for essay 1
essay 2- In this forum, we will continue watching Frontline video episode 2 produced by Frontline on financial system, regulation, stock market crash, and financial crisis of 2007-2008.
Post your comments.
link for essay 2-
essay 3- In this forum, we will discuss Mind Over Money – PBS Nova Video on Efficient Market
The video provided a good description of two competing economic models. This video is related to our discussion of tradeoff between risk and return and rational behavior of investors.
The first model is the Rationalist Economics, and the second is the Behavioral Economics. Behavioral economists point out how the emotion interferes with our financial decision making. Crash of 2008 is an example of irrational behavior of people in financial decision making. There are other psychological forces that impact people’s financial decisions.
The documentary discusses the relevance of behavioral theory in economics which is a thought-provoking thing to know. I find the various experiments shown in this video to be interesting which gives an insight into various aspects of behavioral model of economics. Post your commentary
link for essay 3-

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