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Essay #2: A Literacy Narrative (1000-1200 words) Throughout our lives, all of us

by | Jun 21, 2022 | English | 0 comments


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Essay #2: A Literacy Narrative
(1000-1200 words)
Throughout our lives, all of us are shaped by the experiences we have revolving around reading and writing. These experiences color the way we think of ourselves as readers and writers, and can often affect our relationship with learning.
Every person in our class has a different story about how they became literate, both in the basic sense of initially learning how to read and write and in the abstract sense where you become more discerning and skilled as you grow older.
Some of our stories are positive. Perhaps you had an encouraging teacher who gave you the support you needed to grow. Or perhaps you had a parent who loved reading and would tuck you in with a bedtime story.
Other stories are less positive. Maybe you had a teacher who made you feel embarrassed or ashamed about the mistakes you made. Maybe, as a child or adult, you found yourself in a new environment with a new language to learn and anxiety about your expression.
Taking into account the experiences that have made you who you are today, your task with this literacy narrative is to craft an essay in which you use stories about your past to illuminate your present views on reading and writing. You will share moments and situations that shaped your trajectory as a reader and writer, as well as the values you hold about your literacy.
Consider some of the following questions to brainstorm for this essay:
· What is your earliest memory of reading and writing?
· What kinds of reading have you done in the past and what kinds of reading do you do now?
· What is your current attitude toward reading and writing?
· Were there any aspects of reading and writing that frustrated you as you grew up?
· How has you experience in school impacted your reading and writing?
· How much have you enjoyed particular kinds of reading and writing that you have done in your past?
· Has there ever been a sense of reward or punishment associated with reading and writing?
· What moments from your past do you remember as being particularly empowering or dis-empowering?
Choose a couple of these questions to focus on in your narrative. Work to form the answers into a cohesive essay about your history as a reader and writer. Use stories and examples to “show” your experiences rather than “telling” about yourself more generally. For example, instead of simply saying “I had a good English teacher my senior year of high school,” go beyond this to give a specific example or anecdote that illustrates how good your teacher was in helping you learn.
Be sure to include how your experiences in the past have impacted your relationship with reading and writing today.
Successful essays will:
· Begin with an introduction that hooks the reader
· Be guided by a strong thesis statement that previews the content of the essay
· Employ an organizational structure that moves the reader easily from one idea to the next
· Utilize specific topic sentences the forecast each paragraph
· Support its claims with detail and evidence
· Explain the greater significance of each example (Tell us why the evidence matters)
· End with a conclusion that brings together the different sub-points of the paper
· Employ MLA-style formatting (Times New Roman, 12 pt font, double spaced, 1” margins)

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