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ENT1000 Week 6 Discussion

by | Jun 23, 2021 | Other | 0 comments


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ENT1000 Week 6 Discussion This case we will use as a Discussion Board. Read the synopsis of the
case, do some research into this trend and then answer the questions and
participate in the Discussion with fellow students.
It is being argued that people
are the new infrastructure of the startup boom. Companies like Uber, AirBnB and
Roadie, rather than relying on massive investments in plant and equipment, are
relying on able-bodied an underemployed young people to make their business
models work. Uber, for instance, doesn’t own a single car, even though it is a
company that organizes rides from point A to point B for hundreds of thousands
of people a day. Instead, Uber is a matchmaking service that pairs people
needing rides with those willing to provide them. In fact, according to the
author of the article, a fact that doesn’t get talked about often enough is how
many people many startup need to make their businesses work. In some respects,
it’s an encouraging sign. Many businesses have been built on gains in
productivity that eliminate humans. So called sharing economy companies, like
Uber and AirBnB, grow by engaging with more humans. A challenge for companies
like Uber is that they are two-sided markets. To get them going, a company has
to recruit users of the service along with people willng to provide the
service. Bringing the two sides together and coordinating their interactions is
a difficult challenge.
specifically does the article mean by asserting that people are the new
2. Discuss the
challenges involved in creating a two-sided market where you must create both
the product/service and the customers for you offerings?
3. Explain why companies like Uber, AirBnB,
and Rodie rely on large numbers of people for their business models to work.
ENT1000 WK6-Intellectual Property Advice
case study is located on page 162 of your text.
Locate the case, read and
analyze and submit the three (3) questions and answers found at the end of the
case. MORE: please submit the question AND the answer so that I know which
question you are answering.

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