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Enrichment – Isolation Characterization Experiments, Enrichment – Isolation – Ch

by | Aug 4, 2022 | Chemistry | 0 comments


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Enrichment – Isolation Characterization
– Isolation – Characterization experiments.
1. State
the hypothesis?
2. How did you apply the scientific method to
your experiment?
3. Identify the type of microorganisms present
e.g., rods, spheres, spirals, fungi, etc., and a quantitative summary of each
4. Provide a summary of your conclusion
5. Reflect on what you may have changed in your
experiment process
There are many microbes in
nature with interesting properties, whose isolation poses interesting
challenges and applications in industry.
Possible applications: (Project Objective)
Comparing the number of bacteria in a variety of water samples.
Comparing the number of bacteria in eggs, meat, poultry, fish,
or other foods. Samples are first weighed, then mixed with sufficient water to
produce 1% solutions (1 gm/100 ml) and mixed thoroughly in a blender. Dilutions
are assayed for total count.
comparing the survival of a pathogenic indicator organism (such
as E. coli, an enteric bacterium that has similar survival abilities to
pathogenic enteric such as Salmonella) on wood vs. plastic cutting boards
Examining “microbiology in the home”.
Examining the variation of numbers of bacteria in different
Examining variation over time. For example, we know that
bacterial numbers on hands goes down after hand washing. But how soon does it
come back up, and to what extent? A careful study, in which the same skin area
was swabbed at different times and then assayed for total count, might be very
Research should include
Researched and
grammatically correct presentation to include journal articles and textbook
references outside of the course’s main text.
Typical Reference
Medical Journals with
our LRC to include but not be limited to: Respiratory Care, Respiratory
Medicine, RT for Decision Makers in Respiratory Care, Journal of Respiratory
Diseases, American Review of Respiratory Diseases, New England Journal of
Medicine, JAMA. Additionally medical websites from the publishers of the
previously mentioned journals and textbooks like the following in our LRC are
valuable sources of information: “Critical Thinking Cases in Respiratory
Care”, and “Critical Thinking in Respiratory Care: A Problem-Based
Learning Approach”

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