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English 11 Module 1: Summative Assessment The Great Gatsby Definition Essay Wh

by | Jun 23, 2021 | English Literature | 0 comments


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English 11 Module 1: Summative Assessment The Great Gatsby Definition Essay What is a Summative Assessment?
A summative assessment is an end-of-module evaluation tool to measure what you have learned over the course of this specific course of study. The assessment is designed to give you feedback regarding:
(1) Your attainment of the educational goals.
(2) If you acquired skills that were taught throughout the module.
(3) Can apply those skills.
This assessment will be the final grade for the module along with the multiple choice test.
The Summative Assessment
The meaning of the Definition Essay is defining a word, term, or concept in depth by providing a personal commentary on what the specific subject means. Your assignment is to do just that, and relate your definition to The Great Gatsby and provide supporting evidence from the novel to support your thesis. Your assignment is as follows:
1. Choose one of the following terms and form your own definition of what it is. This means write down what you think it means, not what states.
a. Desire
b. Class
c. Morality
d. Truth
e. Acceptance
f. Misconception
g. Stereotype
2. Write a well developed essay in which you not only define your word, but
provide specific examples and supporting evidence from the novel that prove
your definition.
3. Your essay must be logically organized and must include quoted material from
the novel in order to further emphasize your definition. Your quotes must
follow MLA format. 4. As usual, your Definition Essay must include an introductory paragraph that
introduces your definition and contains a thesis that supports your definition
by referring to specific elements of the novel
5. You must have body paragraphs that are well developed and support your
thesis and definition.
6. Finally, you must include a concluding paragraph that is philosophical in nature
and does not re-summarize what you have previously written.
7. Your essay must be typed, double spaced, 12”font, 3 pages max.

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