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English 101 Paper Three: White and Busch In this assignment you must answer th

by | Jun 24, 2021 | English | 0 comments


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English 101 Paper Three: White and Busch In this assignment you must answer the following question: E. B. White says that New York City “makes up for its hazards and its deficiencies by supplying its citizens with massive doses of a supplementary vitamin—the sense of belonging to something unique, cosmopolitan, mighty and unparalleled.” Do you agree or disagree, and why? The paper must directly and indirectly quote “Here Is New York,” by E. B. White, and “Kickflipping New York,” by Akiko Busch, and use MLA citation correctly. If you need a review in paraphrasing, quotation, and MLA citation, consult “Phil Eggers: Quotation, Paraphrasing, and MLA Citation” in Course Resources of Blackboard. You must use only the reading(s) mentioned above plus one additional source searched in the BMCC Library database—not through an internet search. Papers must contain a Work Cited page that correctly lists the one researched source. As usual, papers that plagiarize other written sources or students’ work will receive no credit. Papers must be at least two full pages long and no more than three pages long (not counting the Work Cited page, which is the last page of the document). They must also be double-spaced at 12-pitch, using the Times New Roman font. Press he TAB key once to indent new paragraphs, and use transitional terms to introduce body paragraphs and the conclusion. Use proper, three-part paragraph structure in the body paragraphs. The paper does not require a title, and it is unnecessary to repeat the essay question at any time. You must submit an electronic version of the file to Turn It In. Papers must directly cite one researched secondary source at least once in the body, or they will receive a zero in the Critical Thinking domain. This source must be a credible scholarly source, not anything you might turn up in a Google search. You must also separately upload the page of this scholarly source from which you cite material in your essay, making sure that you have underlined or highlighted the cited portions. If you are unable to highlight the cited portions electronically, then you may print out the relevant page and underline or highlight the cited portion manually and scan or photograph it. You must submit an electronic version of this file to the separate research assignment provided in Turn It In. If there is a second page of researched material you need to upload, then you may upload it in the second research assignment provided in Turn It In. Papers are not considered fully submitted until this research material is also submitted. RESEARCH PRIMER You are required to research and cite one source that supports a claim you are making at some point in your paper. You are also required to include a Work Cited page that correctly lists this one source. It is strongly recommended that you determine your thesis statement and supporting claims/topic sentences before attempting research. This will help focus your research terms toward one body paragraph that is most in need of concrete researched information to support what it’s trying to say. Watch “Research Lecture” in order to learn how to conduct research, how to construct a Work Cited page, and how to quote your source in one of your body paragraphs. The Work Cited page is the very last page of your paper, is not counted in the two-to-three page total, and is formatted like this:

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