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Empowering and educating children in lower socioeconomic environments to make be

by | Jun 22, 2022 | Nursing | 0 comments


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Empowering and educating children in lower socioeconomic environments to make better health choices with food
Subject and focus of presentation is educating and empower youth within lower socioeconomic communities and environments to make healthy food choices, which will lead to healthier lifestyles
Assignment Requirements:
7th edition APA format
10 slides, not including title page and reference page
4 references from peer reviewed journals, within 5 years
No direct quotations to minimize signs of plagarism
Signs of plagarism will require revision
MUST follow outline of slide presentation below:
 Slide 1: Title-develop a title slide. This should include the title of the presentation, student name, and the university name.
Use APA format (does not need to be in Times New Roman for a PPT)
 Slide 2: Introduction-Brief overview of the PPT. Use key bulleted points not paragraphs. Determine the cultural considerations needed for the health promotion intervention of: teaching children in low socioeconomic environments and communities to eat healthier and make healthy food choices:
Healthy food choices in low income communities
How income influences nutritional choices
Empower children to make better choices and influence families
 Slide 3: Purpose Statement-Develop the purpose statement utilizing the instructions above (use bulleted points)
**points that could be used in creating the purpose statement*** – try to incorporate some of these points in purpose statement
Knowledge is power.
Healthy can still be tasty
Living Stronger and Longer
How starting at a young age is more beneficial than waiting until you’re older
 Slide 4: Discuss challenges of children living in low socioeconomic areas. How this demographic faces challenges with food choices and options. The current health challenges that the adults in this demographic face that could be attributed to food habits.
 Slide 5: Determine the cultural considerations needed
 Slide 6: Design an artistic, creative, and/or aesthetic approach for educating and empowering these children to bring awareness of different types of foods and food groups; and healthier lifestyle choices and diets.
 Slide 7: Discuss the benefits and challenges associated with the implementation of healthier food choices.
 Slide 8: Develop one goal or outcome for this health promotion intervention using the SMART format
 Slide 9: Identify if and how the health promotion intervention can be effective for the selected population: children in lower socioeconomic communities
 Slide 10: Explain the role of aesthetic knowledge within the nursing profession when developing a health promotion intervention
 Slide 11: Conclusion-Include a summary of the main points covered. Again, utilize bulleted statements
 Slide 12: References in APA format (please include in-text citations on slides). References should be in APA format with a hanging indent.

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