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Each answer should be approximately 1 page long, double-spaced. Provide original

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Each answer should be approximately 1 page long, double-spaced. Provide original examples to help clarify definitions or concepts. If you use outside references (which you should) include them on a separate reference section sheet (as well as referencing them in your answer).
You will be marked on the following:
accuracy of your answer
completeness of your answer
the degree to which your answer is original (does not quote the text; adds examples)
your use of outside resources/references when needed (IMPORTANT: Use APA format to cite your references and have a reference page at the end of each assignment.)
Each question will be out of 10 points. Here is what certain scores mean:
6/10 — Most basic points are there but no examples or applications or thoughts beyond what is directly in the text. Some minor points may be missing.
7/10 — All points, major and minor, are included in the answer.
8/10 — All points are included in the answer and there is some original contribution.
9-10/10 — Not only is the question answered but the student also makes the effort to take it beyond the text and ties in materials from elsewhere.
Thrill seeking is something most of us do at some level. Interview five people you know to find ONE thrill seeking behaviour they do and ask them questions about the behaviour. With each person’s thrill seeking behaviour, describe the behaviour and relate how the behaviour makes them feel to see if it fits in with the opponent-process theory. Summarize your findings to conclude if the opponent-process theory did or did not relate to most of the behaviours.
Some of our behaviours can be better understood using achievement motivation theory as proposed by Atkinson. For this question I want you to identify one achievement–related situation you tend to approach and one achievement-related situation you tend to avoid. Use the terms from the theory (Ms, Maf, Ps, Is) to explain the reason for your behaviour. Include any past details of failures or success if needed. ASIDE: Please do not disclose any details from your life you feel are too private. I would rather you make up an example if you were worried about this.
Cognitive dissonance occurs when the facts don’t conform with our beliefs. In the news there have been a lot of negative stories about celebrities that people used to admire (Louis C.K. Bill Cosby, Kevin Spacey, to name a few). Using what we know about cognitive dissonance, what are three likely reactions to people who are huge fans of these celebrities after they hear the negative news about them? Make sure you use the concepts associated with the theory and relate them to your example.
Attribution Analysis of Current News Events: Find a news release of a current event. It could be from a newspaper, magazine, or the Internet. Make sure to include it or describe it so I know what you are referring to. Try to determine the attribution involved. Was it due to dispositional (internal) motives or situational (external) motives? Provide full explanations for your reasoning.

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