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by | Nov 20, 2022 | Political Science homework help | 0 comments


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With the landmark ruling Shelby County v Holder (2013), the authority of the federal government to
monitor state level changes to election processes was eliminated.  Many attribute this single act as
the cause for increased voter suppression efforts seen in recent elections, and in the run-up to the
2022 election. Given voting rights are fundamental to our democracy, it is important to understand
what is currently occurring at state level through an exercise related to the topic.


PART A. You will research four (4) major issues affecting elections (see below).  Follow the
directions for each issue listed. When researching, consider only events/changes and laws that
came after the 2020 elections or in the run-up to the 2022 midterm.  All four categories require a
minimum of 250 words for a total of two (2) pages minimum using the formatting guidelines at the
end of the document.  
1. Obstacles for voters: In a number of states, new laws making it harder for individuals to
vote are on the books.  They can include items such as stricter voter ID requirements,
reduced voting hours, minimized eligibility for mail-in ballots, limited number of drop boxes,
no early voting, etc.  States with notable restrictive practices include Arizona, Florida, Texas,
Georgia, and Wisconsin.  
a. Select two states from the above list or from your own research and outline the
range of methods employed to obstruct or limit people’s ability to vote in each
state. Provide some detail on each, for instance ~ how it works, who the obstruction
is targeting, the reasons given for the new obstacle and if the reason is valid, etc.
2. Changes in how the vote is counted and certified:  A number of states have enacted or
proposed changes in laws that takes power away from those normally charged with
counting and certifying elections, and instead giving the role to state legislatures who are
often partisan or over-represent one party.  Approximately eight states have enacted these
laws: Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Oklahoma, and South Carolina.
a. Select two states from the above list or from your own research and outline the
change in each, how it will be implemented and how it can impact the election.  

3. Gerrymandering: Altering district lines after the census to favor one political party over
another, or to marginalize/discriminate against a group of voters has been a long tradition
in our nation.  However, these efforts ramped up considerably after the 2020 election and
census.  Some states with new, gerrymandered district lines have been challenged in court
and include North and South Carolina, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, Arkansas, Ohio, Texas.
a. Select two states from the list above or from your own research.  Explain how each
state was gerrymandered, and the impact the changes have on the state political
process.  (Gerrymandering is explained in your text, but if you want an easy YouTube
version click the 3-minute video – Gerrymandering, explained | The Washington Post –
YouTube )

4. Voter/election worker intimidation: There have been numerous reports of citizen groups or
individuals intimidating both election workers and actual voters.  These incidents have
ramped up in recent weeks.  
a. Find examples from two states of either voter or election worker intimidation and
describe the method used. Include, if possible, who is responsible and what the
federal, state or local authorities are doing to help stop these efforts.   

PART B.  Final Question  
Please add a section of at least 250 words detailing` the larger lessons you learned from completing
the assignment.

Name:  Only at top
Format:  1-inch margins, 11-12 font, 1.5 spacing
Pages:   Total, 2.5-3 pages and separate bibliography page, MLA format
Points:    Approx. 45  

YOUR NAME_______________________________________
Introduction:    2-3 sentences
* Issue 1:  250 words, 10 points
* Issue 2:  250 words, 10 Points
* Issue 3:  250 words, 10 points
* Issue 4: 250 words, 8 points
* Your views: 250 words, 7 points
*  Bibliography:  Separate page in MLA format, note the source by issue
TOTAL POINTS:  45 points 

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