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Do they belong to any professional organizations?

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 Part 1: Interview a Nurse Practitioner currently working in a primary care or urgent care setting.  You must include complete responses to all questions provided by the instructor.  Please write in question-and-answer format.  Additional issues may be addressed by a student at the student’s discretion.  Summarize and describe what you learn from the interview and the NP’s role.    Any comments or suggestions regarding the NP practice role?   
Project #3 Guidelines
Part 1
Interview a Nurse Practitioner who is currently working in that role in a clinical setting. (10% course grade) 
v You must include:  
· NP credentials include specialty; education level; if not doctoral prepared, plan for doctoral degree? DNP? PhD? EdD? And rational for continue or not continue education. 
· Type of practice setting
· Job description and responsibilities 
· Years in practice
· Any leadership roles in the practice, such as in charge of QI/QC, budgeting, scheduling, practice protocols/polices etc. 
· Age range of patients
· Average # pts. Seen per day
· Billing/coding responsibilities
· Own Medicare billing number? 
· Direct reimbursement?
· Listed as Primary Care Provider (PCP) in any Manage Care Organization’s or insurance agencies? 
· How do they accomplish Chart Review with collaborator?
· How do they maintain continuing education responsibilities?
· If possible, find out what specific protocols are being used in the practice setting. 
· Ask to see their collaborative practice agreement if applicable.
· You may include ANY other information you find interesting. (What do they like most/least about their position? About being an NP in general? Do they belong to any professional organizations? Which ones and why?)
· Did this assignment help you understand primary care NP’s role? 
· Write up your findings and submit them through Blackboard. Also bring in for class discussion on date stated on syllabus.

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