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Do not write full sentences

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Presentation Guide
Introduction to Economic Research: What Factors Affects Employment?
This is a guide for your major presentation. The presentation is worth 15 percent of your final grade, so it is worth some effort. The presentation should be around 8 minutes and will take place during the last few weeks of the term.
The earliest of these dates is more than a week before the written paper is due. I do not expect your paper to be completely done when you make your presentation. For those presenting closer to the paper deadline, I will expect a more complete analysis. One advantage of going earlier is that you will have a chance to receive feedback from me and from your classmates before you submit your paper.
Below, there are four pieces of information for you about the presentation.
A. About electronic presentations.
B. Hints for style
C. Hints for presentation content
D. Grading scheme
A. About Electronic Presentations
You must make an electronic presentation. I will provide a laptop and projector.
You should email your presentation to me one day before (or earlier) your presentation and also bring your presentation on a flash memory key to the class, just in case.
The presentation can be in MSWord, a PDF file, or Powerpoint. Your choice.
Your grade will not depend on a ‘flashy’ presentation. Clarity and content are much more important – and might be best conveyed in a simpler presentation.
B. On Style:
Here are some hints on preparing your talk:
use big fonts (16pt at least)
for tables, don’t try to put too much on one slide
for graphs, make sure you label each axis clearly
do not write full sentences
use bullet points instead
only 4 or 5 bullet points per slide
C. Content
This is a rough guide to the content you should cover. Depending on your topic, some items mentioned here may not be relevant to your paper. The time indicated in parentheses is a rough guide of how long you should spend on each part.
For the most part, you should simply follow the structure of your paper.
1. Introduction (1 minute)(60 words)
Introduce your topic
Explain why your topic is interesting for economists
2. Literature review (1 minute) (60 words)
Brief summary of main reference paper(s).
3. Data (2 minutes) (120 words)
Present information about your data
The name of the survey
What variables are you using in your regression? What are the measurements of those variables?
What variables are you creating from your data?
4. Analysis of the data (3 minutes) (180 words)
discuss and show the means, standard deviations, etc. for some of your key variables
don’t need to show all of them for the presentation, just the key ones.
If possible with your data, graph some key variable in a compelling way.
If you have some regression output to report, make a table with the results
make sure to write out your regression equation
do not use raw STATA output
5. Summary (1 minute) (60 words)
Summarize your findings
Offer any concluding thoughts.
D. Grading Scheme
On time (2 marks)
between 7 and 9 minutes
Completeness (2 marks)
covers the items described above that are relevant to the topic
Style (6 marks)
speaks clearly
well prepared
information is conveyed effectively
Content (5 marks)
the quality of research so far
depth of understanding of the topic
understanding of the data analysis presented

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