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Do not include textbooks or trade publications either.

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As a graduate student, one of the fundamental techniques to gather research for a paper is the use of an Annotated Bibliography. Furthermore, as a human-computer interaction researcher, finding relevant literature to support a study is also part of preparing an analytical research paper. For this assignment, you’ve been assigned a topic (see below). You’ve also been assigned to a specific group (see Groups in Blackboard). Each member of the group is to find five UNIQUE references. These references are to be scholarly papers, not wiki, blog, or Website entries. Do not include textbooks or trade publications either. The use of Google Scholar is STRONGLY recommended.  
IMPORTANT: To support your research journey, read the Levy & Ellis (2006) article on how to maximize your research opportunities in Information Systems Research.   
For the annotated bibliography, if your team has three (3) members, I expect to see UNIQUE entries. For four (4) members, your team should submit a deliverable with twenty (20) entries.
Interactive Data Exploration and Presentation

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