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Do financial ratio comparisons of the three companies.

by | Nov 21, 2022 | Finance | 0 comments


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Finance Project/SMIF Portfolio—Fall 2022
This assignment is to help students gain knowledge on how to value companies from a Fundamental Analysis standpoint. Please use Morningstar Direct
Mergent Online to gather information on your company.
Please note since the information changes daily, be sure to record the date or dates you did your research. As you do your research it is important to use the Stock analysis investment presentation guide provided on Blackboard under the case analysis tab. Those items are requirement within your research and summary of your Investment Project.
Please note the following for your Investment Project:
Snapshots of your company & peers,
Price Chart –3 Years (Comparison of your company to the Standard and Poor’s 500(S&P 500)
Price Chart– 3 Years (Comparison of the three competitors or Industry Peers)
Target Price Based on Your Analysis
Valuation of the Company—(using Financial Ratios)
Analyst Ratings (Five Year Growth Forecast for the Company, etc..)
Management Quality
Format of your report:
1. Introduction: Brief description (1 paragraph) of the business of each of three publicly traded U.S. companies in similar businesses (same industry).
2. Comparative financial analysis of the peer companies in the same industry.
Do financial ratio comparisons of the three companies. Make sure you use data from the same year for each company. Use the data over the last three years. In the memo, discuss the following: Comparison of the liquidity (current ratio), financial risk (debt ratio), profitability (gross, operating, net profit margins), valuation (ROA, ROE & P/E ratio). (In this section you should be analyzing what the ratio comparison tells you about one company versus the other companies.)
3. Recommendations
4. References
You need to complete the PowerPoint slides and write at least a two to three page summary of your finding for your company. You need to include if you would invest in this company in our Student Managed Investment Fund. Please note this will be your recommendation of the company.
In class you will present your recommendation.
For the Stocks to Research listed above, use the Morningstar Direct, and other Internet sources to find the Information above. It is very easy to spend hours upon hours simply learning about companies that interest you. With thousands of publicly-traded companies available, there is literally a lifetime of research ahead of you! I hope you have fun with this assignment. If you do, that is a good sign that you may actually enjoy being an active investor. If not, then maybe sticking with mutual funds is your best bet. Remember everyone is investor either direct or indirect investor.

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