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Discussion Assignment Instructions Text Book To Reference Satterlee, B. (2019).

by | Jun 22, 2022 | Business and Management | 0 comments


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Discussion Assignment Instructions
Text Book To Reference
Satterlee, B. (2019). International Business with Biblical Worldview. McGraw-Hill. ISBN 13: 978-1-260-77143-5.
Review the key terms listed in the assigned chapters 1 and 2; then, choose a key term that you wish to write on for your thread.
Include the exact key term you selected in your thread’s subject line.
Thread (600 words minimum)
After you have successfully chosen the key term that interests you the most, research a minimum of 8 recent international business/management articles within the last 3 years (2020/2021/2022) that relate to the concept on which you wish to focus your research. Articles must be found in reputable professional and/or scholarly journals and/or business/trade journals that deal with the content of the course (i.e., not blogs, Wikipedia, newspapers, etc.). After reading the articles, select the 1 article that you wish to discuss.
Your thread must adhere precisely to the following headings and format:
Start with an Introduction – 100 words
1. Key Term and Why You Are Interested in It (150 words minimum)
After reading the textbook, specifically state why you are interested in conducting further research on this key term (e.g., academic curiosity, application to a current issue related to employment, or any other professional rationale). Include a substantive reason, not simply a phrase.
2. Explanation of the Key Term (150 words minimum)
Provide a clear and concise overview of the essentials relevant to understanding this key term.
3. Major Article Summary (250 words minimum)
Using your own words, provide a clear and concise summary of the article, including the major points and conclusions.
4. Discussion
In your own words, discuss each of the following points:
a. How the cited work relates to your above explanation AND how it relates specifically to the content of the assigned module. This part of your thread provides evidence that you have extended your understanding of this key term beyond the textbook readings. (150 words minimum)
b. How the cited work relates to the other 7 scholarly articles you researched. This part of your thread provides evidence that you have refined your research key term to a coherent and specialized aspect of the key term, rather than a random selection of works on the key term. The idea here is to prove that you have focused your research and that all works cited are related in some manner to each other rather than simply a collection of the first couple of results from your Internet search. (150 words minimum)
5. References
A minimum of 8 recent articles (as described above), in current APA format 7th edition, must be included and must contain persistent links so others may have instant access. In the event that formatting is lost or corrupted when submitting the thread, attach the Microsoft Word document to your thread as evidence that your work was completed in the proper format.
6. Include a biblical integration section – 100 words
7. Conclusion – 100 words
1. 1,150 words total
2. Please ensure that each section has headers and that directions are followed to a tee.
3. Add hyperlinks to each source within the reference section.
4. Avoid general statement (you must support your views with a source, you cannot in an academic paper use terms such as most people, everyone, etc. without a source that agrees with the statement)
5. Citations must include pg. numbers.
6. Direct quotes require page numbers. When you are using quotation marks it is an indication it is a direct quote thereby, in need of a page number. Anytime you use statistics, dates, years, percentages, it is a direct quote thus needing a page number.
7. Do not use “first-person” in an academic paper
8. The city and state locations of publishers are no longer required; only include those details “for works that are associated with a specific location, such as conference
9. presentations” (p. 297, section 9.31).
10. If a source was written by more than two authors, list only the first author, followed by “et al.” for the first in-text citation and all subsequent citations (APA Manual, 7th edition, p. 266).
11. Make sure you provide supporting statements to reveal why you made your recommendations.
12. The abstract is the only paragraph that does not get indented (APA Manual, 7th edition, p. 38). Include keywords.

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