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Discern how nationalism and the New Imperialism shaped nationhood and citizenshi

by | Jun 23, 2021 | History | 0 comments


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Discern how nationalism and the New Imperialism shaped nationhood and citizenship in the West during 1815-1914. Include a short reflection and an annotation.
First select 2 nations and, from each, identify 2 unique conflcits for a total of four conflicts. For each nation, one conflict should highlight nationalistic tensions withing the nation and the other should relate to the New Imperialism.
Remember that conflicts may not necessarily mean military engagement, and instead may refer to political, economic, or social arguments over citizenship or colonization.
Next, using these 4 conflicts, compare how they impacted civil dynamics and defined civil roles in nation-states and the roles of these nations internationally. The comparison should demonstrate an eithical awareness, integrate perspectives of diverse cultures, and esteem the values of social and/or cultural aspects.
Finally, prepare one annotation for a library source you used and place it under the reference for that source. An annotation is not a summary or an abstract, instead is a quick identification of the credibility and utility of a source. Write one sentence answer each of the following items
1. Identify the credentials of the author. Is he or she a trained historian? If the source itself doe not real this, try this web search, including the quotation marks: “author’s name here” and “curriculum vite”
2. What is the main conclusion the author presents?
3. Identify the details of the source as a peer-reviewed history research article.
4. What kinds of data does the author use? This means: does he or she use primary sources generated in the times, like interviews, government documents, newpapers, other historical papers or quantitative data? Or, does the author use secondary sources or already published works about the times? Or, does he or she not offer sources?
5. Is the source relevant and complex enough to be useful to history researchers? This means: does it use strong sources to weigh in on ongoing historical issues, questions, and debates? Or, is it a simplified story focused on providing a lesson about us?
Paper must be 2 pages in length, NOT including the title or refernce pages.

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