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Directions: .Go through and answer the questions below. Submit a document that i

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Directions: .Go through and answer the questions below. Submit a document that includes screenshots of query and results, along with a brief explanation for each question. Redis
1. From the Redis documentation (, identify the commands needed to create a key value pair. (Hint: Look at SET for a key value pair). Identify the command to “push” items onto a list. If an item is pushed onto a list, will it be at the beginning (head) of the list, or the end (tail) of the list?
2. From the Redis documentation here (, identify the two methods that Redis uses to handle partitioning. What will Redis do to partition a dataset that only includes one very large key? Trying Redis
For the next part of the assignment, include screenshots from the Redis demo environment ( (链接到外部网站。)) that show your query and the response.
3. Create a key called “hometown” and set the value to be your hometown. 4. Using the same key, add another town to your database using the same command you did in the previous question. What happens to your first town?
5. Using a LIST, design a shopping cart to hold 3 items (elements) of your choosing. Display those items.
6. Explore the LSET command to change the 2nd item in your shopping cart. What is the difference between LSET and LPUSH?
6. Now set the shopping cart to expire in 2 minutes (Look up the Redis commands, EXPIRE and TTL). Before it expires, determine how long it has left before expiration and display that time in seconds. 7. Try to create a complex object in Redis. Let’s suppose you were trying to create a database of restaurants and some of their attributes. Try to create the following data object in Redis:
restaurant: Chick Fil A
location: State College, PA
address: HUB
Type of food: Fast food
Rating: 5
If you are successful at getting this object into Redis, how do you query it?

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