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– This is an assignment from my “Engineering Ethics and Professionalism” class.
– Research and answer parts “a” and “b” from question 1.
– Write At least 1 page limit (double-spaced, 12-font text)
– Add sources/references (just include the URL link and I will type the format)
The assignment will be evaluated according to the rubric below. Review the instructions and edit the document carefully prior to Canvas submittal. Documents that reflect a low degree of professionalism, are missing sources/references, or fail to follow instructions in preparation or submission will receive a grade penalty.
– Rubric:
15.0 pts
Correctly summarizes the technical engineering issues and key timelines involved, including: VW decisions about technology and compliance; initial investigations and regulatory catalysts; accusations and actions related to case; VW admissions and key personnel involved; legal actions through current day (both from a corporate and individual perspectives); financial impacts on the organization through current day; corporate obligations to impacted customers
Reflecting on Ethical Engineering Organizational Cultures and Ethical Leadership
In Modules 1-3, we discussed the components of professional credibility, the concepts of ethical leadership and ethical organizational cultures, and the importance of core values in engineering organizations. Making ethical choices and decisions has many prerequisites, including a sound values system (personal and organizational), an understanding of the moral context of the situation, and some key “top-down” character strengths and competencies throughout the organization.
This team-based assignment is directed towards better understanding the concepts of Ethics, Ethical Cultures, and Ethical Leadership in an Engineering context, through taking a look at the engineering ethics issues involving the Volkswagen software fraud to meet emission standards (a.k.a. “DIESELGATE”).
1.   Research and summarize the following:
o   a) the key events that led  to the eventual outcome, including the key leaders and engineering staff who were involved.
o   b) the outcomes from the decisions that were made, from a legal, financial and retribution perspectives.

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