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Did you feel like yourself or like a phony?

by | Nov 11, 2022 | Communications | 0 comments


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Using the information we discussed in class and the reading in Chapter 6 please answer the following questions:
Identify three occasions in which you successfully used clothing to create a favorable impression. What techniques did you use? Did you feel like yourself or like a phony? Why?
Remember to post an initial post and response post with the following guidelines:
Each primary response MUST:
Be at least 150 words. You may go over the word count…it will not count against you. Not meeting the word count is an automatic 2-point deduction.
Write the word count at the end of your response.
Include an APA citation from the textbook that demonstrates your understanding of course material. If you are not familiar with APA, I highly recommend that you visit “the Owl at Purdue” for guidance on proper APA in-text citations. Referencing “the book” or “the chapter” is not enough. Including a full citation of the textbook at the end of your answer is also not enough. You must demonstrate to me that you understand the course material and how it may or may not apply to your life/the question/the situation you are discussing. Not including a citation is an automatic 2-point deduction.
Be submitted on time
Answer all parts of the question(s).
Be free of grammar & spelling errors (this includes spelling the author of the textbook correctly). Grammar and/or spelling errors result in at least a 2 point deduction.
Each Peer Response (Secondary) MUST:
Further the discussion in a substantial way. “I agree” or “Good point” type of responses are not acceptable and will not receive credit.
Each response must clearly be advancing the discussion in a quality, positive, pro-active manner.
Be at least 50 words.
You do NOT need to post the word count for secondary responses.

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