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Did you determine how much energy (Calories) your snacks have? Where was that he

by | Jun 22, 2022 | Chemistry | 0 comments


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Did you determine how much energy (Calories) your snacks have?
Where was that heat stored in the food?
Be sure to explain Thermodynamics in your intro, along with specific heat (include the mathematical equation and explain what the symbols in it).
What possible sources of experimental error were present in the experiment (I am expecting many in your report, even if you do nothing wrong)(and no, calculations should not be experimental error)?
You can download the excel file for your lab reports here
Determine the Enthalpy Change of a Chemical Reaction
Take a calorimeter from the Containers shelf and place it on the workbench.
Take a balance from the Instruments shelf and place it on the workbench.
Place the calorimeter directly on the balance to weigh it. Record the mass of the empty calorimeter to reference later.
Zero the balance. Take magnesium from the Materials shelf and add about 0.150 g to the calorimeter. Record the exact mass of magnesium added from the balance, then move the calorimeter to the workbench. Zero the balance again.
Take a thermometer from the Instruments shelf and attach it to the calorimeter. Record the temperature of the calorimeter.
Take a 50 mL graduated cylinder from the Containers shelf. Measure 45 mL of 1.0 M HCl solution from the Materials shelf into the graduated cylinder. Double-click the graduated cylinder to read and record the actual volume dispensed at the meniscus.
Add the hydrochloric acid to the calorimeter. Watch the thermometer and record the maximum temperature displayed.
Allow the calorimeter and its contents to cool for several minutes, then remove the thermometer and measure and record the mass. Be sure that the balance is zeroed before weighing.
Note: You may want to move on to step 10 as the calorimeter cools.
Clear your station by emptying the calorimeter into the waste, then placing the calorimeter in the sink.
Repeat the experiment with a new calorimeter, using 45 mL of hydrochloric acid and 0.250 g of magnesium.
Repeat the experiment with a new calorimeter, using 45 mL of hydrochloric acid and 0.350 g of magnesium.
Clear the bench of all materials, containers, and instruments, then return to your course page to complete any assignments for this lab.
Burning Calories
In this experiment we will look at the laws of thermodynamics and see where molecules store heat,
while we look at the Calories you eat.
Be very careful when working with fire!!!
Try making a comparative bar graph of your results against what is on the label for the food
Download HeatActivitySheet.docx
Recreate the tables in the above document and answer the questions that are in the document in the excel lab report you turn in!
You can eat the extra chips, but after performing the experiment and calculating the Calories, do you want to?
Use the equation for specific heat:
where m is the mass (grams) of the water, c is the specific heat of water 4.18J/goC, and
is the change in temperature (oC) of the water. q would be the heat the water obtained from the food in units of Jules.
The change in temperature
is the difference (subtraction) between the final temp and the temp of the water before you burned the food.

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