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Development of a Research Proposal – First two chapters – Abstract (Leave blank

by | Jun 23, 2021 | Other | 0 comments


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Development of a Research Proposal – First two chapters – Abstract (Leave blank for now), Introduction, Statement of the Problem, and Review of the Literature (minimum three to five pages) (Chapters 4-5 of text)
You may include information from Assignment #1, with corrections that you made based on the instructor’s feedback.
Please make sure to include the title page and an abstract (heading only for now). The chapters will be titled: Abstract (heading only for now), Introduction (no heading required), Statement of the Problem (heading required) and Review of the Literature (heading required). After reviewing information in chapters 4-5 of the text, begin the development of a research proposal that:
Includes a title page, abstract and an introduction of a coaching/leadership style, how the chosen style will support your research question or hypothesis statement, and the importance to you professionally.
Effectively describes a problem in an area of sports, coaching or athletic administration.
Clearly states a research question or hypothesis statement to be tested using research methodology.
Reviews pertinent literature in the area of study. The review must contain a minimum of five references from reputable sources, journals or books.
Elements of assignment number 1 may be used within the Statement of the Problem chapter for the development of the research proposal. The title page does not count in the total number of pages required. Additional instructions to complete Assignment #2 and the Project Description for all Chapters document are attached. Please access the 550 Student Sample Paper to the left of the course, as a guide to complete the research proposal.
Due Tuesday of Week 7 by 11:59 pm (PST)

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