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Details: week 10 powerpoint 1. While looking over your team’s performance repor

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Details: week 10 powerpoint
1. While looking over your team’s performance reports in the office you get an unscheduled visit from the program manager and the senior vice present of operations. They both informed you that the board of directors would like for you to present your communication management plan in their upcoming retreat. Currently, the company has very different communication management plans throughout the organization and partners. Every project manager has its own internal project plan and some may not even use an actual communication management plan. The board heard great things about what you were doing and would like for you to cover your communication management plan in detail. They are interested in promoting what you have accomplished as a project leader and in your communication process with all of the stakeholders involved.
Using PowerPoint, develop a presentation with 5-10 slides explaining your communication management plan (template) for this project. This presentation should be organized according to how your template is laid out, sections and appendixes. You have the opportunity to show the board of directors and other senior leaders the importance of having and following a corporate-wide communication management plan for all projects.
Make sure to use your speaker notes (under the bottom of slides) to narrate your presentation materials, topics, images, etc. Remember that the slides are used to organize the topics you are presenting, while the speaker notes are used to narrate (explain, elaborate, etc.) your presentation. Use the slides to organize your topics, provide bullets and terms, and include pictures, charts, and examples to provide visual aids for your audience. Your presentation must be professional, organized, informative, and creative.

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