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Describe your chosen landscape by means of text and non-verbal imagery; Explain

by | Jun 23, 2021 | Geography | 0 comments


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Describe your chosen landscape by means of text and non-verbal imagery;
Explain how this place has come to be as it is;
Since landscapes are reflections of culture, show how your landscape reflects the values/tastes/aspirations of the people associated with it (or those of society at large). This should be the substance of your paper.
Your landscape should be of verymodest size, easily crossed on foot in a few minutes. Avoid the large or exotic – Stanley Park or Chinatown for example – in favor of the small and ordinary – some section of a park around the corner for example. Avoid your own home and the university! Remember: landscape, as the term suggests, involves a piece of land, part of the earth’s surface. There may well be buildings on it, but a building by itself is not a landscape. Moreover, while the function of a building may be important to your essay, its internal character – layout – is rarely relevant.
Look long and hard at your landscape – on more than one occasion. One purpose of this essay is to encourage you to observe and think about some place you might normally take for granted, to use your eyes (and occasionally other senses) and conceptualize. However, you must provide supportive documentation for the latter portions of your essay. Keep in mind that, in the last part, such documentation may be ‘generic’ rather than specific to your chosen locale (e.g. research on shopping strips in general rather than on the specific example you have chosen). As for the non-verbal imagery in your description, it should preferably be of your own making – maps, photographs, sketches, etc.
You should peruse through Chapter 6 for ideas, concepts, and approaches. You mustalso provide several outside academic, scholarly sources. Ask your instructor for guidance if this is unclear.
A maximum of 1400 words typed (maps, diagrams, charts, etc. not included);
Double spaced, 12 point font, New Times Roman, 1-inch margins, single sided
Use of color can enhance your graphic contribution;
Provide your student #, date of submission, and title;
Provide separate sheet at the end with your works cited (use APA style)
Remember a good essay is tightly reasoned, crisply presented, with the neatest visual material that you can manage;
Warning: titles that lack a precise location of your landscape, including the relevant municipality, may incur a penalty.

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