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Deliver an oral brief to your academic supervisor via Microsoft Teams or a simil

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Deliver an oral brief to your academic supervisor via Microsoft Teams or a similar Video Call
Identify, critically analyse and evaluate your academic and professional progress and development resulting from your Co-operative Education Experience
Your oral brief should select information and apply relevant secondary research from your major and other disciplines to support your discussion and analysis to address the following:
Presentation (10 minutes) – Your Co-operative Education Experience
Critically reflect on your Co-operative Education Experience, examine a key learning or work example and discuss how that experience has impacted on your thinking about your own personal development and future career plans.
Discuss your progress in your contemporary issue for your Co-operative Education Report and discuss how your Contemporary Issue will be applied to your industry and/or organisation.
Student led Discussion (10 – 15 minutes) – Your Contemporary Issue (see the doc “assignment 1,assignment 2,assignment 3″)
Answer questions relating to your overall progress in your placement and the course from your academic supervisor.
Pose 2 questions to your academic supervisor for feedback on your contemporary issue
Your oral brief materials must be Power Point Slides
These must:
Be of a professional standard.
Be properly referenced in APA style 7th ed.
Include a reference list referenced in APA style 7th ed.
So you will talk to the slides for the first 10 minutes about the placement and then we have 10-15 minutes to discuss your contempoary issue and the progress there. Here you will develop two questions to raise in the presentation as well. These will be part of the power point presentation.
With the final report there will be feedback from the portfolio we are currently marking,. But agan have a good read of the materials on Canvas as they a re very thorough and provide good guidance

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