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DB #1 After reading pages 193-199 of Helen Barolini’s essay, “Italian American W

by | Nov 25, 2021 | English Literature | 0 comments


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DB #1
After reading pages 193-199 of Helen Barolini’s essay, “Italian American Women Writers,” please answer the following question:
1) What are the special features of Italian American women’s writing? What has Barolini noticed about the themes, styles, topics, genres, metaphors, language, etc in women’s writing? You may respond with a list or a description. You may also skim the rest of the essay to find other features. Make sure you provide pages numbers. (aim for 3-5 items on your list)
DB #2
M. Bella Mirabella, “Connections” and “The Education of an Italian-American Girl Child”
Describe the following: What are the expectations placed upon Mirabella by her family, her culture, and her generation (1950s) and how does she overcome, challenge, resist, or embrace them? Find quotes from Barolini’s essay that offer insights into Mirabella’s situation.
DB #3
Read pp. 199-218 of Helen Barolini’s essay
In this section, Barolini helps us understand the “historical and social context of silence” among Italian American women. She poses two questions at the beginning of this section that I’d like you to answer: 1)What were the women doing that impeded the act of writing? 2) What were their lives like as they were transplanted from one culture to another?
DB #4
T. De Rosa, “A Passionate Woman”
How does De Rosa feel about her Italian-American identity? What does the hyphen (-) mean to her?
DB #5
What is the significance of the grandfather’s suit for the protagonist, Anna?
DB #6
Questions for Tony Ardizzone’s “Nonna” and Danielle Gioseffi’s “Rosa in Television Land”
Brief responses are acceptable.
1. How does Rosa’s world (including her life, past, memories) differ from the imaginary world of a television studio? (you may present only one example)
2. As we are mainly reading the thoughts in Nonna’s head, what are her main concerns? What is she like as a person? What are her memories like?
3. How are Rosa and Nonna similar? How are they different?

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