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Customer service issues

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Deliverable 2 – International Aspects of Human Resources
Analyze the international aspects of Human Resources.
You are the Assistant Director of HR at Trusted Bank, a large U. S.-based bank. The senior leadership of the bank has determined that costs savings are needed in the human capital area. The Director, Ms. Shirley Jacoby, and the VP of HR, Ms. Zing Vang, have instructed you to research the benefits and risks of outsourcing or offshoring the bank’s customer call center. They would like you to submit an executive summary of your findings and recommendations to them as a first step in their decision-making process.
Prepare an executive summary, including appropriate charts and graphs, to provide a foundation for senior leadership’s decision-making process. The executive summary should include:
Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of both offshoring and outsourcing the bank’s customer call center.
Comparison of the cultural differences of offshoring or outsourcing in terms of:

Communication between the call center employees and home country bank employees.
Communication between the call center employees and bank customers.

Examination of the following potential issues that could arise from offshoring or outsourcing:

Customer service issues
Security risks to the bank
Cost factors

Recommended strategy to staff the call center with either outsourcing or offshoring the service.
Include appropriate charts and graphs.
Be sure to provide proper attribution for credible sources used in the executive summary.

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