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Create an assessment battery for a hypothetical client seeking career counseling

by | Jun 22, 2022 | Other | 0 comments


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Create an assessment battery for a hypothetical client seeking career counseling and guidance.
Include the types of assessments you would use and the rationale for your choice of each assessment.
Use at least 3 quantitative assessments and 2 qualitative assessments (i.e. clinical interview, card sort, etc.)
Each assessment you select should be thoroughly discussed in terms of the appropriateness of use with your client and should include statistical data to support your decision such as the population on which the assessment was normed, the validity and reliability of using the assessment with your client, and any limitations the assessment would have if used with diverse and special populations.
Include information on how to use electronic resources such as O*NET and CAGS as well as the Dictionary of Occupational Titles to describe the mental, physical, and vocational preparation for work.
The body of the paper should be a minimum of 10 pages and should include additional resources and references other than the textbook. You may use yourself as the hypothetical client.
The following are headings to be incorporated in your paper:
Assessment used
MBTI (free online test at
Self-Directed Search
Strong Campbell (free online test at
Results of assessment
Cognitive strengths and weaknesses
Physical or mental limitation or strengths
Clinical impression or counselor’s impression (this would be information you would gain during the initial interview with the client)
Cultural considerations and special needs
Jobs available in the national labor market. You will need to go to either the Bureau of Labor Statistics and/or ONET to get the job requirements, physical and mental demands, the numbers of these jobs in the national economy, and how this will affect your client in the geographical area in which they live.
If additional skills are needed for the jobs you cite in the previous section, how will the client acquire those skills?
Summary and conclusion.

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