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Connect the spots

by | Sep 20, 2022 | Architecture and Design homework help | 0 comments


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Answer the following questions based on two (2) of the specific outbreaks. Be specific with concrete examples and content.
What are those factors that may facilitate the evolution of local epidemics emerging into global pandemics?
How would you deal with it if discovered in your local area?
What strategies would you employ at all 3 levels of prevention?
Identify one (1) strategy you would use to teach the community to prevent these
How would you measure the success of your interventions?
How does the information gained being a “disease detective” assist you in your current practice?
Part 1: Discuss two outbreaks(150 words and 2 references)
Breathless in the Midwest
The Case of the Conference Blues
Connect the Spots
Birthday Party Gone Bad
Part 2: Discuss two outbreaks (150 words and 2 references)
The Queens Killer
Sugar Plantation Blues
Laid Low in the Desert
Up Sick Creek

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