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Conduct interviews on the topic of abortion.

by | Jun 22, 2022 | Other | 0 comments


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You are conducting interviews on the topic of abortion. You, who has 5 sisters and raised by a single mother who barely got by, said you are pro choice. Your interviewee is a classmate who is a male that only has brothers and was raised by their father. They say that they don’t support aborions because they were raised as a Christian and believe it is a sin.
( 1 page )
First, use a Social Psychology concept/theory/results from class and explain how it applies to the disagreement. For this section, you should do the following: (a) correctly define the concept/theory and/or explain the results of the study (3 points), (b) identify what aspect of the disagreement you are applying the concept to (e.g., yourself; other person; disagreement; 2 points), and finally ( c ) explain how the concept accurately describes some aspect of the disagreement (5 points).
( 1 page )
• Find new evidence to support your argument (15 points; ~ 1 page). For this section, you should find new evidence to support your initial argument/claim. More specifically, this should be peer-reviewed research, data, or other quantitative evidence (e.g., poll-data) that can help support your argument. More specifically, you should do the following: (a) explain the source of your evidence and why you view this source as unbiased or relatively objective (5 points; ~ 1-2 paragraphs), (b) clearly explain and describe the new data. That is, provide an explanation of the type of research, findings, and conclusions (5 points; 2-4 paragraphs), and (c) explain how the new evidence supports your claim/argument. Be sure to clearly make the link between the evidence and your claim/argument (5 points; 2-4 paragraphs).
( 1 page )
Obtain feedback from another person regarding your original argument, your new evidence, information from your ‘other’ interview, you should now edit your writing, as well as revise your argument. The purpose of this section is not only for you to revise your argument, but so self-reflect on how the edits improve your writing. So, re-write your section ‘b’ (clearly explain your perspective/argument/claim regarding the disagreement) and section ‘c’ (explain why you think you are right and provide evidence to support your argument). Edit the original sections to improve the writing and argument (5 points). In addition, include a section that explains how your edits helped to improve the clarity of writing and persuasiveness of the argument (5 points). You should use track- changes (in word) from your original assignment to edit the original content.
( 1 page )
• Self-Reflection on Disagreement (5 points; ~ 1 page). What have you learned about yourself from this exercise? (1 point) What have you learned about disagreement? (1 point) Given what you have learned, how might you resolve the disagreement-even if you both still disagree? (1 point) Finally, what you might do differently in future disagreements with
others (2 points).

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