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Conduct a case study of one particular gang. In doing this, cover the history of

by | Jun 23, 2021 | Criminology | 0 comments


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Conduct a case study of one particular gang. In doing this, cover the history of the gang, structure/organization, gang identifiers and symbols, current membership statistics, female involvement, scope of the geographic territories of the gang (where are they located), and how the gang uses violence and crime to further its purpose (provide real life examples from current events). The written paper should consist of four sections.
In academic writing providin
g proper referencing and citations is very important since you want to demonstrate that you properly researched the topic
. You also never want to plagiarize since that has very detrimental implications
. There are three very important things to keep in mi
nd when researching and referencing your papers
. First, you want to make sure to rely on valid academic peer
-reviewed sources
. Second, you want to make sure you reference and cite properly
. Third, you want to avoid plagiarism. Acceptable Sources and R
I expect students to primarily rely on academic sources – not magazines, websites, opinions, newspapers, prior experience
. In this course, I want you to base your work on research. I will rank your sources as follows:
Academic Peer
-Reviewed J
ournal Articles (for a list of Criminal Justice accepted titles go to
). a.
-reviewed titles in the fields of Sociology, Psychology, Public Health, Medicine/Biology, E
nvironmental Sciences, and Political Science are also accepted. b.
Within criminology outlets there is a tier system. Tier 1 Sources (i.e., Criminology, Justice Quarterly, Journal of Quantitative Criminology, Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency, an
d Criminal Justice and Behavior) are always preferred. 2.
Government Reports 3.
Research Reports
Law Reviews
News Outlets (newspapers & magazines)
Websites (these are the least desirable and will thus get you the least amount of credit)
. Please note that advocacy or interest group websites will not be accepted as a proper reference.

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