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Complete the following activities to help you prepare for your final Business Pl

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Complete the following activities to help you prepare for your final Business Plan Project due at the end of the term. This is the final step before you are ready to begin compiling all the BYB assignments from the previous weeks into your final project!
Final Steps! Begin to organize and assemble the parts of your Business Plan:
Create and submit a Cover Page for your project
Create a Table of Contents with page numbers.
Create a Reference Page that is formatted in APA 7.0. (Alphabetize your references by author’s last name and DO NOT number your sources. Double space the entire page from its title to the last word; no extra spaces between sources. ) Compare each reference with its matching citation in the business plan. (EVERY reference MUST have a corresponding citation in your paper. Each citation should match the first word of a reference EXACTLY.)
(Note: The activities below are not required for this week’s submission, but you may wish to get a head start on these now.)
Revise the writing in your business plan to ensure the entire document is written in 3rd person voice. (Remove all first and second pronouns: I, me, my, mine, we, us, our, ours, you, yours. Use the search and replace tool to find these.)
Revise Content/Financial data if necessary.
Create/label graphs, tables, and charts to accompany information in the business plan (see Worksheets templates for these).
Compile the information for your appendices as identified in Appendix 2 BizBuilder Business Plan in the textbook (optional).
Be certain that the Executive Summary is supported by the sections found in subsequent sections of the business plan.
Ensure that page numbers on your Table of Contents page are correct for each section. (Do NOT include the Table of Contents as an item on the page.)
Approximate minimum page length requirements by section in an APA formatted business plan:
Section 10.0 -‐ 3 pages.

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