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*Comments are in document Additional Comments: Should understand research hypoth

by | Jun 22, 2022 | Other | 0 comments


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*Comments are in document
Additional Comments:
Should understand research hypotheses of what he wants to explain: factors related to unemployment? (he did not include this in his hypotheses although he explained it in Chapter 2)
Address the concerns on hypotheses.
Address the micro studies (need more studies on the microlevel). Find this article: Baron, S. W., & Hartnagel, T. F. (1997). ATTRIBUTIONS, AFFECT, AND CRIME: STREET YOUTHS’REACTIONS TO UNEMPLOYMENT. Criminology, 35(3), 409-434. This is micro level study on the impact of unemployment on youth crime.
Address the concerns on mediating and intervening variables. As we discussed previously, these are the variables in between the independent and dependent variables. For example: strain leads to negative emotions which lead to crime. Strain is the independent variable, negative emotions is the intervening variable, and crime is the dependent variable. Make sure that you point this out in your paper.
Additional Comments from professor:
“In terms of the research hypotheses, the main point is about factors that affect unemployment. Explained the factors such as age, race, gender, education, SES, etc that influence unemployment in Chapter 2, but there were no hypotheses related to those factors. The hypotheses regarding mediating mechanism look fine. Also, I agree with your suggestion that he should add case studies related to the mediating mechanism on the link between unemployment and crime. Further, the policy implications should be based on his findings.
*Waiting on another professor for some more comments.

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