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• closes with impactful statement.

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 This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeIntroduction
• Specific purpose well-defined.
• Opens with impactful statement.
• Connects with audience by stating relevancy.
• Establishes credibility.
• Previews main ideas. 
Speech Body
• Main points clearly identified, logically organized, and fully supported by subpoints.
• Information credible and cited.
• Main points/subpoints are keywords only; Citations and transitions are fully written.
• Signposts and transition statements bridge ideas together.
• Argument/Informative Topic is clearly defined and well supported/explained.
Conclusion• Main ideas clearly summarized.
• Closes with impactful statement.
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeUse of Sources• Minimum number of credible sources used (per assignment instructions).
• All facts and assertions are backed up with research. (You may not use personal observations or experiences)
• All sources appear in the speech itself (fully written in a conversational way) AND in the Works Cited section (written in APA or MLA style).
• In-speech citations include: author’s name, source type (is it a book? Magazine? Journal? etc.), source title (NOT article title!), date of publication, and a credibility statement (why should we trust the source?)
• MLA/APA guidelines are followed accurately
•Grammar, word usage, and writing mechanics (capitalization, spelling, punctuation, etc.) at college level. Formatting and style match assignment requirements.

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