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Choose either mineral as a topic.

by | Nov 2, 2022 | Applied Sciences homework help | 0 comments


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Once again, choose one of the following minerals to start.  These are two very different minerals as you will see, so you are not asked to compare or contrast. 
Zinc is a trace mineral that has hundreds of important functions, including a  role in Vitamin A metabolism. Certain food sources are better absorbed than others. Deficiency is not uncommon, especially with one popular dietary style.
Fluoride is a trace mineral that integrates with calcium and phosphorus in bones and teeth. In some areas it is added to the water supply to prevent tooth decay in kids, and it is added to most toothpastes. There are two ways it is utilized as a supplement: Ingestion and topical application. Toxicity issues have been identified and studies are still ongoing to determine whether fluoride is safe to take internally.
Choose either mineral as a topic.  If you choose zinc, discuss the reasons and ramifications of inadequate intake as well as potential toxicity issues, especially from supplements.  If you choose fluoride, investigate the side effects and discuss risk vs. benefit of fluoride supplementation.  Include at least one credible reference 
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