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BrokeBack Mountain by Annie Proulx

by | Jun 22, 2022 | English | 0 comments


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Reading the NOVEL BrokeBack Mountain by Annie Proulx, please think about an argument you could make or you may wish to pursue a certain critical approach that would enrich our understanding of the work–an approach or viewpoint that you find critics ignore. You will be required to examine various articles/books written by critics and to construct
your own critical argument. Please use at least 4 or more sources to do this analysis and argument that critics have about this novel and how you agree or disagree and why as well as to why your points are significant. Please make sure that the articles or sources are peer reviewed. You may take a variety of approaches. For instance, you may wish to single out one or more critics you disagree with and write an essay in which you defend your own position while critiquing the position of one or more of these writers. You may wish to focus upon a problematic issue of interpretation–e.g., the significance of the ending of a work or the role of characters. CITE ALL WORK THROUOUGHLY. DO NOT PLAGARIZE.

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