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Before submitting your Assessment, carefully review the rubric. This is the same

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Before submitting your Assessment, carefully review the rubric. This is the same rubric the assessor will use to evaluate your submission and it provides detailed criteria describing how to achieve or master the Competency. Many students find that understanding the requirements of the Assessment and the rubric criteria help them direct their focus and use their time most productively.
Access the following to complete this Assessment:
United General Hospital ICU Expansion Case Study
Academic Writing Checklist
Read the case study and prepare a narrated presentation that will guide the CEO and board of directors to follow the recommendation presented to expand the hospital’s ICU unit. As you complete the Assessment, be sure that the presentation:
Includes the elements necessary to effectively communicate the data used to develop the business case.
Provides a clear evidence-based, data-driven recommendation regarding the expansion of the hospital’s ICU.
Provides an opportunity statement that presents the problem, the recommendation presented to solve the problem, and the multiple options considered.
Takes into account the needs of the community, the patients, and the hospital when researching and presenting your findings.
Your narrated presentation should contain references to academic resources and include the following:
Part One: Introduction
Explain the importance of evidence-based decision making in healthcare. Your slide must include (1 slide):
A definition of evidence-based decision making.
An explanation of the relevance of evidence-based decision making in the healthcare industry.
Part Two: Recommendation and Rationale
Using the data provided, analyze the current and future state of the ICU. Consider three scenarios for the future state, one without additional beds and two with additional beds. Based on your research and analysis, determine two viable scenarios for bed count and present these scenarios. Use graphics, text, and charts as required (8–11 slides). Be sure to cite your sources as needed.
The slides should include:
An overview of three options for the ICU that you analyzed.
In your narration, be sure to provide a thorough analysis of the three options and refer to academic resources to support your options.
A description of how each option will address the issues in the ICU.
The presenter’s narration should provide a detailed explanation of how each option will address the issues in the ICU.
A graphic comparison between the current state of the ICU versus the remote monitoring ICU implementation in 5 years.
A final recommendation for one of the options and an explanation of why it will maximize the benefits to the hospital, patients, and community.
The slide narration should include:
A detailed rationale justifying your recommendation.
The presenter notes should include citations for the sources of your graphics.
An explanation of the impact of your recommendation on staffing, productivity, competitiveness, and finances, using appropriate qualitative and quantitative data to support your explanation.
The presenter’s narration should include an explanation regarding how the data supports your explanation.
Part Three: Evidence Evaluation
Knowing that United General’s leadership team focuses on evidence-based decision making, address the following, in 3–4 slides:
Summarize the evidence used in developing the opportunity statement and recommendation.
Describe why each piece of evidence is relevant to patients, the community, and the hospital.
Summarize the analysis used to create the recommendation.
Evaluate the validity and reliability of the data.

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