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Because Week 1 is still part of the drop/add period, students will have a grace

by | Sep 2, 2022 | Religion and Theology | 0 comments


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Because Week 1 is still part of the drop/add period, students will have a grace period in completing this assignment. Though I recommend you complete this by the first Sunday of the session, this part of the week one module will be due the second Wednesday of the session.
WEEK 1 Discussion Board:
1. Take 10-15 minutes to find a news article about religion from a reliable news source that uses mostly fact-based reporting (AP, PBS, Reuters, CBS, ABC, NBC, NPR, Wall Street Journal, etc.). Religion does not have to be the primary focus of the article, but religion should be an important dimension of the article. After you find a good article, read it and complete the following:
Provide a link to the story (if it’s available on a website).
Summarize the article in your own words, in approximately three to four sentences.
In another four to five sentences (or more) tell us what religious practices or traditions are featured in the news article and why you think religion matters to the event being discussed.
Conclude by telling us more generally how you think religion relates to history, politics, society, and/or culture.
Hint: The textbook will be helpful for helping you understand the different ways religion informs history, culture, politics, ethics, etc. As always, the best answers will incorporate readings and other course material to create a more objective, fact-based (i.e., not opinionated) post.
Note: If you’re wondering about the reliability of your source, find the most reliable news sources as determined by a third party research group: (Links to an external site.) Reliable sources are in the top quadrant (outlined in green).
2. Give us two or three reasons as to why it might be important to study multiple religious traditions? On a more personal note, tell us how learning about religions might enhance your career and/or social life? The best answers will incorporate this week’s readings to support your reasoning.
Our Textbook: Jeffrey Brodd, Layne Little, and Brad Nystrom, Invitation to World
Religions, 3rd Edition. New York: Oxford University Press, 2019

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