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Background: For this assignment, you will be writing an analysis of the play A D

by | Jun 23, 2021 | English | 0 comments


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Background: For this assignment, you will be writing an analysis of the play A Doll’s House by Ibsen. Thinking about the deeper meaning of the play is required. You’re NOT writing about whether or not you personally liked the play, nor are you simply offering a summary of the play’s plot. You may be creative with your interpretation, but you must demonstrate that you are engaging with the course materials and the primary source (the play) by including specific examples from the performance to support your assertions and by following proper MLA citation procedures. You must also read chapters 12 and 16 from the textbook on the philosophical concepts of happiness and freedom.
Students may find the Supplementary Material on A Doll’s House useful.
Please review the difference between plot summary and analysis here: Literary Analysis vs. Plot Summary vs. Plot Interpretation
Grading: Review the rubric attached to the dropbox before completing your work.
Required Word Count: This assignment requires a minimum of 650 words, excluding any quoted material. An accurate word count must be included in the heading. Please note, to successfully complete this assignment, you will need extensive direct evidence from the play (performance/text) and supporting evidence from chapters 12 and/or 16; this means you’ll need quotations, so you’re total word count (including your words and your evidence) should exceed 750 words.
Materials: Students will need to screen A Doll’s House by Ibsen (see link above) before completing the assignment. Students will also need to complete their reading of Chapter 7, as well as their reading Chapters 12 and 16 in the textbook to complete this assignment. Students will need to make direct reference to the production they screened in order to successfully complete the assignment. I expect to see specific examples from production referenced in you paper.
Preparation: Before beginning, be sure you’ve completed all the required readings (chs 7, 12, & 16) and screened A Doll’s House.
Prompt: At the end of A Doll’s House, Nora leaves her family because she realizes she does not know herself as an individual. In your textbook, Chapter 12 deals with the concept of happiness, and chapter 16 deals with the concept of freedom. For this assignment you will compose an essay in which you answer the following question: Does Nora leave to find happiness, freedom, or both? In your essay you must integrate the following in your analysis:
You must define happiness and/or freedom using one of the theories discussed in either chapter 12 or 16.
If you discuss freedom, you must address whether or not any of the other characters in play are free or explain how they restrained.
If you discuss happiness, you must address whether or not any of the other characters in the play are happy or explain what it would mean in the context of the play for the characters to be happy?
Formatting and structure: Your essay should follow the general outline found here and include the following:
An introduction that ends with your thesis statement making an interpretative claim about the short story. Please note, a statement must end in a period. Do not ask a rhetorical question. You can review thesis statements here. Your thesis should be a direct response to the prompt: “Does Nora leave to find happiness, freedom, or both?”
An organized discussion that is developed clearly and thoroughly throughout the essay using well crafted body paragraphs (as many as you need). You can review paragraph construction here and here.
Specific examples, which are cited properly, from the production of the play, the text of the play, and the relevant textbook materials to support your assertions.
Refer to the “performance” or “production” of the play and NOT “the movie.”
A conclusion that summarizes the ideas presented in your essay.
Use of Examples: In your discussion, you must draw on your readings from the textbook as well as the performance of the play itself.
You’re analyzing A Doll’s House as a piece of theater and not as drama. I expect to see examples that reference elements such as set design, costuming, performance, lighting, sound design, etc. that support your answer to the prompt (does Nora leave to find happiness, freedom, or both?).
You must make direct reference to the production you were required to screen. Failure to do so will result in earning no more than a 70% on the essay.

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