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The articles you select must be from peer-reviewed resources and must have been published within the past 5 years. If your topic is so recent that peer-reviewed literature has yet to be produced, search the business or learned press and professional literature.
You are expected to substantiate your critical analysis with citations from the articles you selected.

Note that—at the Doctoral level—you are expected to critically review and synthesize research rather than just stating your personal opinion.

The Assignment (3- to 5-pages not including your Title Page or References):
Identify and critically evaluate two current topics or issues in management. Do the following in your analysis:
Briefly, identify, and summarize each topic or issue.

Why each is worthy of critical analysis
Their importance to organizations in general
The implications for management
Their relationship to social change

After you have finished writing your analysis, skip down a few lines, and write a few comments related to your experience using the Walden Library and searching for articles. Address the following points:
Briefly describe your article search process.
Identify the Walden Library databases you searched.
Identify the journals you chose.
Explain why you selected those journals.
Explain how you assessed whether the journals were peer-reviewed.
Explain how this experience affects your approach to searching for articles in the Walden Library database the next time you are required to do so for an Assignment.
Include a Reference List following APA-formatting conventions.

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