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Attached Files: HW # 4.docx HW # 4.docx – Alternative Formats (16.634 KB) Here

by | Jun 23, 2021 | Social work (not sociology) | 0 comments


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Attached Files:
HW # 4.docx HW # 4.docx – Alternative Formats
(16.634 KB)
Here it is!! Oh joy, oh rapture!! The file is also attached.
So for this homework, I want to concentrate on chapter 13, Health and Health Care.
Much of the material we have already covered significantly influences the access, function, and health measures of individuals throughout the world. Here, our focus is on the United States, in the here and now. Much of the information you find will be disheartening and disturbing. However, much will also be uplifting and positive.
The task:
to find a medical/health/health care breakthrough that happened in the last 20 years (your lifetime). Please DO NOT use the current Corona Virus and all of its babies; most of us cannot help but be current with that news.
Look at the Theory Snapshot on page 558.
Pick an invention/breakthrough (some examples follow-no way are these all that happened!)Conduct a little research (ONE outside-not the text—source)
Human genome decoded
Stem Cell research
HIV medications
Minimally invasive surgery
3-D printing
Smoking cessation and smoke-free areas
Analyze your findings.
Which theoretical perspective do you think motivated the research necessary for the invention/ breakthrough?
Were many people affected? (Invention/breakthrough reduces or removes dysfunction)
Was one ‘population’ receiving treatment and one ‘population’ was not because of access? (invention/breakthrough reduced or eliminated restricted access)
How did the affected population react to the invention/breakthrough?
Use the theory material from the Snapshot and the text for guidance.
Write up a little ‘biography’ of the invention/breakthrough. It needs to include your theory as to why the change was necessary, who was the change directed at, what did the change do in the health arena, was the change accepted willingly, and any information that would help someone who knew nothing about it. You are the ‘teacher’.
Style: APA format for citations and references
1.5 or double spaced
Due June 21.
You can be as creative as you want. PowerPoints—10 slides exclusive of cover slide and references. Lyrics—5-minute song. Poem—20 stanzas.

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