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Assignment: All submitted files should be in MS Word Document (*.docx) format.

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All submitted files should be in MS Word Document (*.docx) format.
“Air Lekker” is the company name which is given by the teacher, and In the assignment student must discuss the elaborations
through this company example.
You are a successful entrepreneur and as such your local business operation in the
Netherlands has tripled its revenue every 6 months over the last year and a half. Your drone
delivery for food spices “Air Lekker” has been successful in all major cities in
the Netherlands
and now you visualize an opportunity to internationalize. Air Lekker success is due to the
value chain coalition that has successfully impacted your target audience
significantly and has attracted consumers in
Belgium, Germany and France.
In 3 years, your initially small sourcing and delivery business in the Netherlands has attracted
enough consumers that you have been able to reinvest your profits to hire the best employees,
suppliers and technology to
develop and optimize the process by which you maximize
consumer loyalty and trigger further market penetration and share. Hence, your enthusiasm and
perspective of the future is inspiring because you have created a product-service proposition
that is differential and works.
Other locations in other countries have the same environment which you used to create
valued business and it seems nobody else is exploiting your business proposition abroad. You
have gathered your team
and are leveraging the close and transparent relationship you have
with your customers to create a plan for
Write a well elaborated internationalization strategy for “Air Lekker”.
In your paper, you must describe, explain, compare
and contrast the following:
1. Air Lekker’s business structure characteristics and strategic attributes, that make the firm
a solid candidate for
internationalization. Elaborate on, and explain these characteristics
and attributes identifying and leveraging the firm’s market positioning in the Netherlands.
2. Explain the target-potential country selection process thoroughly. Develop the respective
analysis and comparison using
the models and frameworks highlighted in the module in
this process. Include adequate referencing to the models and data
obtained from each
country. Show a fluid and clear process development through each phase of the analysis. Show your work and numerical calculations where necessary to support your
internationalization conclusions defining the order and the
entry mode in which you
choose to initiate business.
3. Explain how you will secure the firm’s Netherlands-successful marketing mix in each of
the markets/countries you have
chosen to operate. Make sure you elaborate each
variable of the mix separately and use the module’s respective models and frameworks
to support your recommendations in the mix.
The aim should be to keep your assignment clear, concise and as critical as possible. The
paper should be a critical review of practice. Make sure you label any model/table/diagram and
only put them in the body of the report if you are going to
refer to them/or reference them
directly in the text. Otherwise put them in the Appendix.
Refer to books and journals
where you have seen relevant examples as opposed to describing
information in detail. Ensure that you properly reference your sources and include a complete
bibliography which is consistent, in accordance with the Harvard recognized citation style.

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