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Assignment Overview These last few years have presented several social issues t

by | Aug 4, 2022 | English | 0 comments


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Assignment Overview
These last few years have presented several social issues that are now being debated in Congress, legislatures or local governmental agencies and institutions. As a scholar, it is important that you develop awareness of these issues and have an informed opinion about them. We have also seen the debate between facts and misinformation/disinformation, and the effect of these on policies as well as people’s lives. You will select one of the designated topics , obtain research reflecting proponents and opponents of the issue, and present a clear thesis with a sustained argument around it that employs multiple rhetorical modes. You are also required to find source material, partly by using library databases, and at least one of the sources must be a peer-reviewed academic article. (EBSCO) Gale
Assignment Outcomes
* Identify and explain a specific and compelling problem within the parameters of the rhetorical situation outlined on the assignment prompt.
* Develop a solution to the problem and communicate this solution within a well-constructed thesis statement.
* Organize a sustained policy argument that is sensitive to a particular rhetorical situation.
* Use more than two rhetorical modes in developing the paper’s argument.
* Use library databases to find appropriate source material.
* Distinguish between academic and non-academic sources and use different types of sources in appropriate ways.
* Integrate source references, including direct quotations, using signal phrases (attributive tags) and parenthetical in-text citations.
* Synthesize references from a minimum of six sources.
* Construct a properly formatted works cited page using MLA or APA guidelines.
* Length: 1,200 words.
* Format: Follow MLA or APA guidelines.
* Source Usage: Six sources, at least two academic. The paper must demonstrate effective summary, paraphrase, and quotation using signal phrases and parenthetical citations for attribution. The paper must include a properly formatted works cited page.
* Submission: Submit through Canvas.
All final topics must be approved by the professor.
Development Requirements:
The essay should be an argument regarding one of the topic areas below. Make certain to obtain research on both sides of the issue. Pay attention to the full argument format, citations, logic, and structure. The introduction should give an overview of the issue, definition of issue, history of the issue, and the main arguments and thesis. The body paragraphs should examine one argument each according to the prescribed structure. The conclusion should include a proposal for resolving the problem and a projection of the issue in the future.
Topic- Select one of the topics below. The sub-questions are to be used for your argument points in your discussion:
* Is climate change an existential threat ? (Is it dangerous to human life? Is it dangerous to nature/environment? Is it dangerous to wildlife?)
Argument Essay Format (Sample: Should capital punishment be banned in the US?)
1. Introduction (min. 1/2- 2 pages) Add Attention-getter:
2. Definition; all terms – capital punishment, death penalty, types ( 2 sources/professional…Encyclopedia Britannica…)
3. *History/timeline – earliest date, all dates events/laws /data,types/form/current people (min 2 sources)
4. Importance -This issue is important because the crime rate has been increasing throughout the nation. ….
5. Organizational sentence- Major arguments are the following: Is c.p. constitutional? Is it effective? Is it moral?
6. Thesis – After careful examination, it will be proven that…. (capital punishment should be banned in the US. )
1. Argument #1 (min. 3/4p- 2 pages)) One point of argument is whether capital punishment is constitutional.
2. Definition- The term “constitutional” is defined as “………”(“Constitutional”). The term “constitution” is defined as “…..”(Princeton University Law School).
3. History- The U.S. Constitution was created in……..It contains….Its purpose is to ……. (Stanford University).
4. Importance – This point of argument is important because it is one of the most debated issues in the legalization of capital punishment.
5. Opposition’s argument – Proponents/Opponents of capital punishment claim that it is constitutional. ( 1- source research)…
6. Rebuttal- (What is wrong with their argument? Disprove them.)
These statements are _________.
Possible rebuttals: limited interpretation of the Constitution
misinterpretation of the Constitution
biased interpretation of….
partial truths
illogical (fallacy specify)
F.Your argument :…It is unconstitutional because ….(more
research -2 sources))
G.Concluding sentence…As a result, capital punishment is unconstitutional.
1. Argument #2: Another….is whether it is effective. (min. ¾ page- 1 ½ p)
2. Definition
3. History
4. Importance
5. Opposition’s argument
6. Rebuttal
7. Your argument – According to …… the U.S. Department of Justice……. The punishment has not resulted in a decrease of crime in all fifty states…Data reflects that ……..
8. Concluding sentence: As a result, capital punishment is not effective.
1. Argument #3: A final point of argument is whether capital punishment is moral. (min. ¾ page-1 ½ p)
2. Definition
3. History
4. Importance
5. Opposition’s argument
6. Rebuttal
7. Your argument
8. Concluding sentence
1. Conclusion- In conclusion, capital punishment should be banned….(min. ½)
2. Restatement of thesis
3. Proposal (details) – One major proposal to address the issue is…..
4. Projection- If this proposal is implemented…the result….
Outline (to be included in essay as

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