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Assignment Objectives: To get the student to solidify a topic , think of a creat

by | Jun 22, 2022 | Geology | 0 comments


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Assignment Objectives: To get the student to solidify a topic , think of a creative title and write the introductory paragraph to present the topic.
Assignment Specifications: Now that you’ve selected your topic, come up with a title for your paper. The paper’s title should state the topic and arouse interest in the reader. For example, your topic may be the Alberta Tar Sands but your paper title should be more captivating. Something along the lines of: “The Kuwait of Canada: An Introduction to the Economic and Environmental Impacts of Tar Sand Fossil Fuel Recovery in Alberta”
The Introduction that you will draft for this assignment will be the same one that you will use in your final paper. Submitting it early in the semester gives you the opportunity to think about the direction in which you’re going (with your topic and paper). It also gives you the advantage of re-writing your Introduction for clarity (if needed). A good, solid Introduction accomplishes several goals:
It introduces the topic
It generates interest in the reader
It states the relevance of the topic and gives context for ‘why’ it is important
It declares the purpose and sets the tone for the rest of the paper
It prepares the reader for what is to follow (in the body of the paper)
Remember the following tips for success:
Center your title at the top of your first page and bold and underline it for emphasis.
Your Introduction should be in paragraph format with your first line indented
The Introduction should be double-spaced
Remember that a paper’s Introduction should summarize the topic of your paper as well as pique the reader’s interest
Be sure to include the main location or event. Ex: if you’re discussing hurricanes, talk about which ocean basin, coastline, or specific storm event is being covered
Your Introduction should be a single paragraph (or two at the most) and take up no more than ¾ of a page. There is a fine line between giving enough information to explain the purpose of your paper and going overboard and giving information that should be contained within the body of your paper.
To attract the reader’s attention, you could open your Intro with a quote, definition, dilemma, or provocative statement followed by an explanation
If you use specific data (ex: 315 people died from tornadoes in the 1974 Super Outbreak) or a direct quote, be sure to cite it within the text. Be sure to use the author and date format as follows: (Smith et al., 2019) or (USGS, 2020) and then give the full citation in your Bibliography
Give yourself ample time to write, review, and re-write your Introduction as necessary. Don’t wait until the night before to complete this assignment.
Proofread your Introduction prior to its submission.
Since the Final Paper required page range is between 8 and 12 pages, remember to keep your Intro within a paragraph or two (at the most) and make sure that it is no longer than three-quarters of a page.

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