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Assignment Description For this assignment you will complete a literature review

by | Jun 23, 2021 | Healthcare | 0 comments


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Assignment Description
For this assignment you will complete a literature review on a topic related to public health or health administration (depending on your major). You can pick any topic within your field that you find interesting and would like to know more about! You will locate a minimum of 4 journal articles on the topic and 1 online source and write a 1 page literature review based on your topic, your question and the sources you’ve selected.
The purpose of this assignment is to facilitate and develop your ability to research a topic, so you can learn to:
Identify a topic of interest and formulate a clear question or thesis
Learn how to search for and locate sources (e.g. journal articles, websites, reports) using the library’s search engine and Google
Critically analyze information found in the sources you have retrieved (e.g. journal articles, websites, reports)
Synthesize new knowledge into a written literature review
Establish context for your inquiries
Steps to Complete your Literature Review (How)
For this assignment you will be combining material from several texts to create a new text – your literature review.
Choose a specific topic related to public health or health administration that you are interested in learning more about. Be as specific and narrow as possible.
Formulate a question that describes what you would like to know about your topic.
Go to the library’s search engine OneSearch
to locate a minimum of 4 articles on the topic. You will also use Google to find 1 credible online source.
After you locate your sources, read the abstracts and skim the articles to determine if they are relevant to your topic AND your question.
Read your articles! Make notes, sort and categorize them according to their findings.
Organize your articles by sorting and classifying their findings in a meaningful way, remember to always consider your original topic and question.
Write your review.
Revise your review.
Be sure that your response is in full sentences, follows APA style guidelines (no abstract needed), and is grammatically correct.
Search Optimization Understanding
On the page after your literature review and references, give at least 5 different search “terms” that you used that demonstrate an understanding of search optimization. Also, write at least one sentence that describes why you chose to use the methods you did.
10 points for literature review content (remember this is not just a summary of each article)
5 points for proper in-text citations, reference page (reference page should be a second page), and APA formatting
5 points writing/grammar
5 points for demonstrating an understanding of search optimization

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