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Assignment 1: Collective Bargaining Analysis (Paper) (25 points) 3-4 pages, not

by | Jun 23, 2021 | Business | 0 comments


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Assignment 1: Collective Bargaining Analysis (Paper)
(25 points) 3-4 pages, not including cover or References pages
Locate an article describing a collective bargaining dispute that has arisen within one year prior to the due date of this paper. If there is not already a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) then there cannot be a dispute of the terms and conditions of that CBA.
A collective bargaining dispute is a disagreement between an employee(s), generally voiced through their union representatives, and employer(s) regarding the terms of employment. This could include disputes regarding conditions of employment, benefits, hours of work, wages to be negotiated during collective bargaining or the implementation of an already agreed upon terms. It could further concern the association or representation of those who negotiate or seek to negotiate the terms or conditions of employment. If the negotiations fail, then the parties generally jointly select a mediator.
The article you chose should be from a newspaper, an academic journal, or a credible online news source (try searching “collective bargaining in the news” and “collective bargaining disputes”). You cannot use any articles related to the NFL/NFPLA/Major league baseball or professional soccer collective bargaining agreements. Also, in Virginia for years the teachers’ union has been fighting for a Collective Bargaining Agreement. VA legislature just recently passed a law allowing the VA teachers to collectively bargain. You cannot use the Virginia teachers’ collective bargaining problem for your article.
The collective bargaining dispute in the article must have occurred in the continental US, Hawaii or Alaska.
Attach the article or provide the link that can be accessed without me having to pay a fee. If I have to pay to access article in the link provided, or you have provided an inaccessible link, resulting in my having to search for your article, will be a -1pt penalty.
In addition, preview the article and make sure you are able to address each of the 7 questions in the assignment. It is not an acceptable response to state that the question was not addressed in the article. If a question is not addressed then look for better article.
Use references from the course materials but also outside research will be needed to fully respond to the questions and support your answers to the questions.
The paper must be double-spaced, Times New Roman font, cover page, and APA format. [in word document not pdf]. Paper must be in narrative format, not bullets. -1pt if fail to comply with any of my paper requirements.
Late penalties: Paper is due by due date but if there occurs an extraordinary event beyond your control, then you need to contact me as to the reason and then we can discuss a new due date if I agree with your excuse. In every case of an extension, you will be still be penalized 5% [-1.25pts for failing to submit paper by due date and time and -.5pt for each additional day late, no matter the excuse]. There are 25pts in the rubric so if one day late you will lose -1.25pts.
Be uploaded to your Assignments Folder #1 by 23:59 p.m. eastern time on the due date.
You must use each underlined question in para 2 below as a separate paragraph heading in your paper.
A. Identify your collective bargaining dispute article with a link in the first paragraph of your paper:
Using APA guidelines state the proper citation for the article.
You must provide a link to the article that can be accessed, without paying a price, in your first paragraph of your paper. Or you may attach the entire article in separate submission to the assignments folder.
B. Respond to each question below in detail, in order provided and use each question as a separate paragraph heading [You should have 7 separate paragraph headings]:
1. What is the nature of the collective bargaining dispute? Be specific.
2. What are the underlying causes of the dispute? Be specific.
3. What economic or ethical pressures has each side attempted to use to prevail in the dispute? Be specific as to the economic pressures and if ethical pressures, why the actions were unethical.
4. What evidence is there of any illegal or unethical conduct on either side? Describe in detail. Be sure and state what law was possibly violated or what ethical principle was possibly violated in your discussion. Be specific and this may require research beyond your article.
5. What role was played by third parties either trying to influence and or resolve this bargaining dispute? What was the identity of the third party? Be specific.
6. Was the dispute resolved? If so, how was it resolved specifically? Be specific.
7. In retrospect, how could this dispute have been resolved in a more constructive fashion? Be specific. [This question will require research beyond your article.]

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