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ASA FORMAT STEP 1) Write an opening paragraph in which identify an ethnoracial g

by | Jun 23, 2021 | Sociology | 0 comments


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STEP 1) Write an opening paragraph in which identify an ethnoracial group on which you would like to do your final research project (See the list below). Your choice should be based on a reason. Include in your opening paragraph a brief explanation about why you chose that particular group. For example you may choose a group that you know very little about and have always been interested in learning more about. You might choose a group that you believe is part of your ethnic heritage and would like to learn more about. You might choose a group that is relevant to the populations that you will be working with in your professional careers. Regardless of the reason, keep in mind that you will be researching and learning a lot about whichever group you select.
Blacks/African Americans
STEP 2) Once you choose a group and the reason for your interest you will then locate at least three resources for your project and create an annotated bibliography. It is important to remember that among the many requirements for this assignment is the expectation that your resources be peer-reviewed, academic journal articles. For each academic resource you locate you are expected to provide an annotated bibliographic entry (see below for specific content requirements). For the final project, the topics for research related to your ethnoracial group must include the following list. For purposes of this activity you should try to identify resources that focus on at least 1 of the topics listed (per article).
The history of the group in the United States from the time of arrival (immigration, etc.).
Social stratification location of the group over time.
The dimensions of intersections within the group and the variations in social location due to the intersections (gender, class, age, sexuality).
The role of social construction, stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination and cultural capital in society at both macro and micro levels.
Patterns of intergroup relations from assimilation to genocide.
Application of Sociological theory and concepts, such as: structural functionalist, conflict, and symbolic interactionism.
Analyze the experience of the group within two of the social institutions: education, health, politics (the role of government), and economics/work force.
Statistical data must be provided to document the impact of ethnoracial status on institutional experiences (healthcare, education, etc.).
The future of inequality for the group.
STEP 3) For EACH academic, peer reviewed journal article that you select for this project, you must complete an annotated bibliography entry. Each entry should include:
Bibliographic information (ASA formatting)-citation of the article (you may use the Auto Cite Function if using the Electronic Journal Center or you can use
Identification of the topic for research which your article addresses (from list of 1-9 above) – each resource may address more than 1 of the above topics.
Summary of the article (150-200 words) – NOT a copy of the abstract!! What is it about? What research methods did they use? What are the research findings/conclusions/recommendations?
How will this research be used in your paper?
Be sure that you submit at least three (3) total entries.

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