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As we discussed in the lectures in Module 3, Griffith manipulates elements of hi

by | Jun 23, 2021 | Movies | 0 comments


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As we discussed in the lectures in Module 3, Griffith manipulates elements of historical truth to create a very misrepresentative version of history. Birth of a Nation is a politically toxic film and had grave effects on American politics and even directly affected the lives of many black Americans.
How do you think we should deal with films like this one? It had historical importance (it changed American politics and the course of movie making) but it is also an intensely racist and historically inaccurate film. What do you see as the benefits or dangers of revisiting films like Birth of a Nation? How does Griffith’s film engage with the ideas about the relationship photography/film and truth that we took up in the last discussion?
Here is a New Yorker article on the topic with which you may wish to engage or respond:
(Links to an external site.)
Discussion Post Grading Rubric
Here is a sketch of the criteria that we will be using to grade your discussion posts. As you put the final touches on your work, you will want to keep these in mind. See the rules and guidelines from the syllabus copied below.
To receive full credit, response posts must:
Fully engage with the prompt in a thoughtful and considered manner.
Show evidence of being proofread.
Thoughtfully and respectfully engage with the response of another student in your
Make direct reference to the films and/or the readings addressed in the prompt. Refer
to specific points and scenes.
Follow the Discussion and Communication guidelines on the syllabus.
You will lose a point for each of the following:
Not fully addressing the prompt and engaging with the question with some depth and
Only replying to other students in a cursory way.
Not replying to another student at all.
Not proofreading.
Not referring to the films or readings, or bringing up specific details and points from the
films/readings addressed in the prompt.
Making vague statements to cover up the fact that you haven’t watched the films/done
the readings, etc.
Not following Discussion and Communication guidelines on the syllabus.
If you fail to post by the due date or only answer in a perfunctory way, you will receive no credit for the assignment.
Rules and Guidelines on Discussion Posts (from the syllabus)
• Participation in Discussion Forums: AT LEAST ONCE PER PROMPT
o StudentsareexpectedtopostintheCarmendiscussionforumsatleast1timefor each discussion prompt.
o Eachofthediscussionassignmentshasaprompt.Studentsareexpectedto directly address the prompt and engage meaningfully with other students. Posts that fail to do so will lose points.
o AllstudentsmustbothanswerthepromptANDreplytoapostbyoneofthe other students. Please do so in a comment on their post.
o Postsareexpectedtobeatminimum250words(~1pagedoublespaced,12pt font). Posts are due by the dates marked on the assignment (usually Saturdays at 11:59pm) HOWEVER, students are encouraged to post earlier each week to make sure they can read through and adequately reply to their peers.
o Thisdiscussionforumcomprisesyourparticipationgrade.Pleaseseetheprompt rubric for guidelines. Failing to participate in a discussion will result in zero points for that discussion. Failing to respond to your peers also results in lost points, as does inadequately addressing the prompt.
o Allpostsmustfollowthe“discussionandcommunicationguidelines”forposting listed below. Posts that fail to meet those requirements will not receive credit.
Discussion and Communication Guidelines
The following are expectations for how we should communicate as a class. Students are always expected to be respectful and thoughtful.
Writing style: Discussion posts need not have the formality of a research paper, but you are expected to use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. Please proofread and edit your statements. Students are expected to directly and thoughtfully address the topic and to seriously consider their classmates’ thoughts. Please refer to Strunk and White’s Elements of Style (2016 edition) for guidelines on grammar, proofreading, and clear writing. There is also a helpful excerpt of from Timothy Corrigan’s A Short Guide to Writing About Film posted to our Carmen site.
Tone and Civility: It is paramount that we maintain a respectful, civil, and supportive learning community in which we can share ideas, often about difficult topics. Always treat your peers with courtesy and respect and be aware that different people may hold radically different points of view. We may disagree with one another, but we will always aim to do so amicably and respectfully. Remember that tone (especially sarcasm or jokes) may not come across clearly online.
Citing Sources: In our discussions please cite your sources to support what you say. You need not produce a full footnote in your post, but please cite the author’s name and essay title/page number. For sources outside of course materials, please provide a full citation or link.
Saving Your Work: Consider writing and saving your work in a word processing or text editing program before pasting to Carmen. This may save you lost time if you have a poor internet connection or other technical difficulty.

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