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As the new corporate communications manager, you have developed a good idea of t

by | Jun 22, 2022 | Internet Technology (IT) | 0 comments


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As the new corporate communications manager, you have developed a good idea of the various internal and external audiences for communications across the
You have learned that IG is organized into six main areas, and each area has its own structure:
 Research and Development (R&D): New Product Development and Product Enhancement teams
 Manufacturing: Detroit, Shanghai, and Purchasing teams
 Sales and Marketing: U.S. Sales, U.S. Marketing, European Sales, European Marketing, Partner Management, and Online Sales teams
 Technical Support: the exception, as there is only a single team handling this function
 Finance/Accounting: Corporate Finance and Corporate Accounting teams
 Human Resources: Corporate HR team with ties to HR representatives at each work site
In addition to the internal departments, IG staff interface with a wide range of external entities and individuals, including customers (large accounts, individuals
via web sales), distribution partners, component suppliers, subcontractors (design and occasional manufacturing). IG also contracts with Amazon to handle all its
product logistics—warehousing, packaging and shipping, and returns.
IG will soon launch a new accessory for the OfficeDrone: Speaker+. Speaker+ attaches to the OfficeDrone and allows the person controlling the OfficeDrone to
have a voice conversation with a person near the OfficeDrone. The Corporate Communications team is responsible for developing communications for all
stakeholders to announce the launch of this new product.
Write a memo to your communication team that uses specific details to address the following:
 Analyze IG’s internal and external audiences.
 Recommend how the new product announcement for Speaker+ can be tailored to the needs of each of IG’s audiences.

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