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As discussed in Module 6, your final course project is a paper that will represe

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As discussed in Module 6, your final course project is a paper that will represent the culmination of the
course material that you have studied and researched. For this writing exercise, you will create an 8- to
10-page executive summary style document describing your findings and recommendations for the police
department of Anywhere, USA. Below are the issues facing this organization. You will explain the issues
and present solutions to the City Council and Police Command Staff recommending actions that should
be implemented to bring about organizational harmony, thus allowing the department to go forward in a
positive manner.
The criticisms and issues identified by the Human Resource Staff, through a series of internal interviews,
and presented to you are as follows:
• Members of the department say the leaders are failing to provide a clear direction for the agency
and the members
• There is a lack of communication throughout the agency.
• Favoritism is shown when either promotions or selection to elite positions.
• Leaders hold members of the department “accountable” yet do not hold themselves accountable.
• Leaders have their “go to” people and have little time or energy for those outside of their circle or
• Discipline has been perceived to be disparate. Members have been held to one standard while
leaders have acted unethically and not been held to the same standard.
• Numerous chain of command violations have taken place where one leader gives direction while
another leader gives countermanding or conflicting instructions.
• There is a lack of planning or foresight into future needs of the department.
• There are numerous false starts and no execution or completion of plans.
Consider these issues carefully and present themes that should be addressed. Explain how they should
be addressed (be specific) and why you believe your recommendations will help.
How you format your executive summary is your choice. Make sure it looks professional and is free of
grammatical errors. Your paper should be between 8-10 pages in length including a title page and a
reference page. Use standard fonts and margins. Cite your sources appropriately.

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