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Are you guilty of doing this to yourself or your love ones?

by | Nov 22, 2022 | Nutrition | 0 comments


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Please watch the video linked below

Are you guilty of doing this to yourself or your love ones?
GUIDELINES FOR POSTING: State your opinion, back it up with an article or video clip on the subject, Read and reply (in details) to at least two other posts.
Also please reply to two of my classmates below
Classmate 1:
Wow, this video was emotional. Especially when Jamie sat down with a mother in front of a pile of common unhealthy foods and told her she was killing her children. Of course, no parent wants to hear that. Life gets busy, and these foods are a quick way to feed our family and get on with the rest of our to-do list. I’m guilty of it, too, unfortunately. It’s sad how easily accessible unhealthy foods are. I agree there needs to be a change, and it’s going to start with education about healthier meal choices. The video was inspiring to want to do better; I liked how he pointed out that the changes needed are tangible for everyone, regardless of how busy you are.
My daughter started school this year in Kindergarten at an Idea Public School here in San Antonio. They’re a healthy campus and teach the children about sugar intake and healthy food choices versus unhealthy choices. Sometimes at home, she’ll ask me, “mom, how much sugar is in this” or say things like, “apples are good for you.” I just realized how important this was when watching this video. I’m happy she goes to a school that educates her about nutrition at a young age. As parents, what we expose our children to and feed them sets them up for their lifetime habits. Sometimes we forget how vital setting a good example can be for them. According to the CDC’s website, “educating children about nutrition gives them the knowledge and skills necessary to make healthy food and drink choices.” ( I also thought it was interesting that the CDC’s website says, “schools play a key role in framing lifelong healthy eating habits by offering nutritious meals.” ( I think it’s imperative to continue this type of education at home; if we don’t teach our children how and why to make healthy choices, they will choose the tastiest, easy options that lead to obesity and health complications. Links to an external site.
Classmate 2:
I feel like it is crazy how high the statistics for obesity have gotten, because I feel like it is honestly more expensive to keep eating out every day instead of going to the grocery store and getting somewhat healthier options for the next week and a half or so. Growing up, we bought groceries, and even when my family didn’t know what to eat, they’d make something out of nothing from what we had in the house. We ate out occasionally, maybe if my mom or grandma were too tired to cook, but it wasn’t very often. My step dad’s side of the family has a bunch of health problems and they don’t often make it past their 40’s. So my mom tries to watch my sister’s diet, just because she has already kind of had scares with diabetes at such a young age.
In middle school, that’s when Michelle Obama changed the recipes for school lunches. I think it just made things worse because once we got into high school, we were able to go off campus and buy food from the fast food restaurants that were close by. Most of the students were off campus unless you didn’t have a car to leave or got free lunch provided from the school.
I definitely see that less and less people know how to actually cook a meal for themselves, so that is very disappointing. Especially when the video mentioned that people should know at least 10 meals they can cook that could save their lives. I wouldn’t say I’m a super great cook, but I can definitely do what I need to do to stay alive and to stay healthy. I don’t mind looking up options for a healthier alternative to my dinner.
I have linked a website that talks about how obesity goes hand in hand with increasing chronic illnesses such as diabetes, depression, cardiovascular disease, etc,. If we don’t try to change something about it, a lot of people are going to continue to die way sooner than they would like. All it takes is one simple solution, fixing eating habits. Maybe even a strong and positive mindset.,risen%20nearly%2070%25%20since%201995 Links to an external site..

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