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Are there advertisements on the page or perimeter?

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What to Do
You will locate two encyclopedia articles on the topic you developed in week 2 and compare them using the evaluation criteria you learned about this week (C.R.A.P). You will upload a perfectly-formatted MLA document for this assignment. There is an MLA Template provided. It is a MS docx. document. Google docs has a similar templateLinks to an external site. for those of you who prefer it to MS Word.
There are also instructions on how to format an MLA paper (in terms of the appropriate heading, page numbering, spacing, margins, etc.) located in the MLA Resources Guide in this week’s material.
My Topic: How does testing anxiety affect college students testing performance ?
1. Locate an article on your topic (your broad topic) using the Gale Virtual Reference Library. (On the Databases pageLinks to an external site.)
2. Locate another article on you topic using Wikipedia. On the last page of the encyclopedia lecture, there’s a video I added of me walking through using Gale Virtual Reference Library. Be sure to search for an article on the broadest keyword of your research question/topic. Use the Question forum if you are having a difficult time locating an article.
3. Once you have formatted your MLA paper correctly, you will compose 2 paragraphs in which you compare the 2 articles you found using these criteria:
How recent is the information?
How recently has the website been updated?
Is it current enough for your topic?
What kind of information is included in the resource?
Is content of the resource primarily opinion? Is is balanced?
Does the creator provide references or sources for data or quotations?
Who is the creator or author?
What are the credentials? Can you find any information about the author’s background?
Who is the published or sponsor?
Are they reputable?
What is the publisher’s interest (if any) in this information?
Are there advertisements on the page or perimeter?
Purpose/Point of View
Is this fact or opinion? Does the author list sources or cite references?
Is it biased?
Does the author seem to be trying to push an agenda or particular side?
Is the creator/author trying to sell you something? If so, is it clearly stated?
You will include a Works Cited page with both articles.
Locate 2 encyclopedia articles on your topic: 1 from the Gale Virtual Reference Library and 1 from Wikipedia. Compare them using the assigned evaluation criteria. By Sunday at midnight, upload a perfectly-formatted MLA document with the comparison paragraphs as well as a Works Cited page with both entries arranged alphabetically.
33-40 Points: Good/Great. Perfectly formatted (or nearly) MLA paper including correct heading,
page numbers, margins, font, spacing, and Works Cited page. Clear writing with college-level grammar. Critical thinking applied to article comparison/evaluation.

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